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Welcome to the Shawn & Ed Brewing Co., where our story is deeply rooted in friendship—an adventure that began over 30 years ago at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. This dynamic duo of friends shared a dream to one day open a brewery. Fast forward to the summer of 2013 at Shawn Till's annual cottage gathering, where he and his partner in crime, Ed Madronich, along with other McMaster alumni, sat by the lake, beers in hand, realizing that the time had come to turn their dream into reality.


Authenticity and quality were paramount then and remain so now. This commitment meant avoiding shortcuts and taking the necessary time to pinpoint the perfect location to brew the best possible beer. When the old Dundas Curling and Skating Rink became available for sale, there was no hesitation—they had found the ideal spot. After all, who wouldn't want a brewery inside an old curling and skating rink? This building, steeped in character and history, became the canvas for our mission: to restore as much of its original charm as possible. The Shawn & Ed Brewing Company aimed to revitalize the building's rich history.

Given the age of this historic landmark, extensive restoration was necessary to uphold our promise of authenticity and quality—a promise that extends to the meticulous craftsmanship of our beer. At the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company, we are dedicated to producing the finest beer using natural ingredients and brewing with great care and craftsmanship. Opening this brewery has not only been a passion project but also the pinnacle of our friendship. Our goal is to share a classic brew that everyone can enjoy with their friends. That's why our beer is genuinely Forged in Friendship.

-Shawn & Ed


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