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Are you looking for a beer experience that is second to none? 

Look no further than Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.

You can explore this digital map of our brewery prior to your visit. You will see that our spacious Taproom is perfect for a night out with friends and for EVENT PLANNING

Want to learn about the history of our building and learn how beer is made?

Book an in-person BREWERY TOUR today!


Use this digital map to explore our brewery.  To begin:

- click the 'play' icon.

- click the circle icons on the floor to move forward through the brewery.

- Use your curse to click left, right, up or down to explore the scope of the 3D map.

- Keep your eyes peeled info icons to learn more about our beer, kitchen, events, merchandise, and more.

Thank you to our friends at Me-Tour Inc. for their fantastic service. 

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