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Forged In FIRE Pizza Challenge

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Want to put your tastebuds to the test? Don't miss our FORGED IN FIRE Hot Sauce Challenge!

Our Head Chef is a hot sauce fanatic and has whipped up a super-spicy hot sauce to go on a devilishly hot Beer Pie pizza - and we are inviting only the bravest to take part in our FORGED IN FIRE HOT SAUCE Challenge on Saturday, June 15. 

Here's how it works: 

- participants have 10 MINUTES to finish the entire Beer Pie pizza (crust and all!)
- Successful participants will get their pizza for free, a free 12oz pour of Salted Lime Cerveza, a free SHED t-shirt, and a "Forged In Fire" commemorative sticker


About the Beer Pie: 


- Made with: Fortified Sausage,  Diced Fresh Jalapeño Peppers, Diced Fresh Scotch Bonnets,  Fortified House Tomato sauce mixed with house hot sauce,  Mozzarella cheese, Chilli flake crust

- How hot is it? Beer Pie contains: House Hot Sauce (30,000 scoville) Satan’s Blood Chilli concentrate (800,000 scoville) Caroline Reaper Pepper (1.3 million scoville) - Participants BEWARE!


Call 289-238-9979 book your challenge time. Contest is Saturday, June 15 from 12noon until 8pm. Participants must register by Wednesday, June 12. 

Limited spots are available!

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