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What is a Front Line Friend?

The Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. wants to buy a beer for front-line workers battling the COVID-19 crisis. We have committed to buying up to 25,000 beers to show gratitude to all the Hamiltonians working long hours to keep the community healthy and safe. This gift extends from health care workers to grocery store clerks, first responders and many others who the brewery considers a “Front-Line Friend.”

Our guiding principle is based on the spirit of friendship. Shawn and Ed started the brewery after years of history and friendship. The two know the value of strong relationships and friendship in starting this business. Today, the Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. which is Forged In Friendship wants to celebrate the spirit of their business by buying a beer for all the Front-Line Friends in the Hamilton community.


Nominating a Front-Line Friend

In order to share all the incredible stories of people who are working the front line and making extraordinary sacrifices for the community the brewery is asking the general public to nominate a Front-Line Friend on social media. Share a photo of someone who is working the front-line on Instagram and Facebook while tagging and following the brewery’s social media account (@lagershed) and the Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. will gift a four- pack of beer to the Front-Line Friend. This gift can be collected via curbside pick-up during the window of 5-7 pm everyday at the brewery while supplies last. Front-Line Friends must be legal drinking age to receive the product. 

  • Figure out who you would like to nominate and locate a great photo of the nominee to share on Instagram and Facebook

  • This program is for those who are a front line worker and are legal drinking age, so be sure your nominee is over +19 years of age.

  • Make sure you’re following @lagershed Instagram or that you’ve liked us on Facebook:

  • Post the photo of your #FrontLineFriend on either of the above-mentioned social media platforms and be sure to tag us and tag your friend so they can see your shout out

  • Once your friend is nominated, he/she can come to the brewery between the hours of 5-7 pm to collect their complimentary beer via curb-side pick up while supplies last.

  • When arriving to collect your beer, please send a text message to (289) 241-1099 to give us a heads up that you’re on your way or waiting outside. This phone number is to be used for Front Line Friends beer pick up only. Please do not use for any other purposes.

  • For all of you who are Front-Line Friends, enjoy this beer on us and thank you greatly for all that you do.


Should you want to nominate a local business or organization, please follow the above steps with the exception of the curb-side pick up instructions. For organizational nominations in addition to sharing a photo on social media, we ask that you also send an email to with the manager’s name and contact info. We will deliver the product but will need to coordinate with the authoritative figure to ensure we are not disrupting their business / day-to-day operations.

Front-Line Friends at Licensees

The Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. will be buying a beer for all the Front-Line Friends who purchase take-out food from a participating restaurant. This initiative supports local restaurants suffering during this time. Restaurants with Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. products on tap will be able to offer a new 32 oz. growler to front-line workers who are off the clock and ordering take-out on their way home. The beer will be at no cost to the participating restaurants or Front-Line Friends. The only cost for restaurants is the 32 oz. growler which we will be charging at-cost.

We are currently seeking partners who want to help us provide a token of appreciation to the people who are working hard every day for Canadians during the COVID-19 crisis. What’s the catch? There is none. We want to support your business during these challenging times.

If you’re a licensee that is interested in participating in this program and supporting Front-Line Friends, please contact:

Matt Kelly

On-Premise Sales Manager

Cell: (289) 921-9859

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jenna Anderson 

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