5.2 ABV | 18 IBU

This German-style lager is our flagship brew. This elegant beer is a brilliant gold colour, has a dry body and is balanced with a subtle but distinct hop profile. Its crisp and clean taste reflects our use of the best quality Bavarian hops and malt.


4.0 ABV | 22 IBU

This light lager pours a pale straw colour with a lacy head. On the nose, the aroma is one of cereal and apple. The flavour is light and lively with carbonation and classic lager flavours.                                                                        


5.5 ABV | 29 IBU

This full-bodied, easy drinking dark lager has a caramel colour and rich roasted malt flavour. Subtle nutty biscuit and chocolate aromas compliment the creamy and almost coffee-like flavours. This brew also has a distinct bitter leafy hop and malt sweetness to finish.



6.5 ABV | 37 IBU

This ruby-coloured amber ale is aged in Flat Rock Cellars Pinot Noir barrels. It’s known for its pine, citrus rind, nectarine and grass flavour profile. The hop profile is balanced by a biscuit-like malt body with hints of toffee & caramel and a pleasant fruitiness from the yeast.

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